Target groups

Regulatory supervision and public procurement

When government agencies have good knowledge of standards and standardisation they can use this as support in their regulatory supervision and public procurement. Using standards instead of producing own guiding documents can save resources. Developing standards in consultation with concerned parties contributes to achieving supported results of good quality.

Business and operational management

When decision-makers have sufficient knowledge of standardisation they can determine when standards and standardisation promote different activities. They can also better prioritise and support the participation of their
own experts in standardisation projects.

Research and innovation

When researchers, developers and innovators develop their ideas on the basis of existing standards, the results are compatible with existing systems, which facilitates market access. With good knowledge of standards and standardisation it is also easier to decide when the time is right to turn innovation into a standard.


When legislators know how standards can be used as support in implementing legislation, they can determine as early as when a new law is first being considered, if and how standards can be used to simplify legislative text, facilitate implementation and contribute to international coordination.

Development of standards

With in-depth knowledge of how global standards can be influenced and how Swedish ideas can be translated into global standards, all standards are adapted to a greater degree to Swedish conditions and needs.

Use of standards

With increased knowledge of how standards can be used by organisations to become more efficient and improve their activities or everyday life of citizens, resources are freed for operational development and innovation. This increases the organisation’s quality and strengthens Sweden’s competitiveness.


Standards and standardisation as a natural aspect of higher education can be a powerful tool for strengthening the graduates of tomorrow in their professions. Individuals, businesses and society all benefit from a greater understanding of and involvement in standardisation work.


Download The Swedish standardisation strategy here