Knowledge – a prerequisite for success

Target: Swedish stakeholders know how standards and standardisation

can be used to strengthen their operations Standardisation is of national interest. To create conditions that promote a cohesive and successful standardisation agenda, it is important to spread understanding of this work to all groups that are in any way affected. Standards are common solutions to frequently reoccurring problems and challenges. A common reference facilitates communication and conserves resources since the need for developing special in-house solutions is reduced. Standards promote development and often become the norm in the market. Knowledge about which standards are important for a business or other organisation and how these can be used facilitates access to the market, and is also a prerequisite for being able to choose standards as tools for solving problems. The expert groups that develop standards are open to all through the national standardisation bodies. Through active participation, Swedish stakeholders gain influence over the content of the standards that will later shape the market. By taking a leading role in strategically important standardisation projects, even greater opportunities to influence are gained. Knowledge is essential for decision-makers prioritising participation in standardisation projects. The standardisation bodies have the primary responsibility for disseminating information about how standards can be used and how Swedish stakeholders can benefit by participating in the development of new standards. Trade and industry, the public sector and academia must also be dedicated partners in this work in order to reach out to all concerned. Moreover, the knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment of all experts involved in standardisation projects should be utilised in disseminating information. Standards and standardisation must be included as a natural part of higher education in order to build a better knowledge base for the future. Sweden must also develop and benefit from the research expertise in the field that exists in the country.


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