Accessible and usable standards

Target: Standards must be easy to access, understand and use

Standards become valuable only when they are used. It is therefore of considerable importance that assistance can be provided in finding the standards that best match the needs of an organisation. It should also be possible to access content free of charge to the extent needed to make an assessment of the relevance of a standard. Standardisation bodies have the primary responsibility for assisting with this through functioning e-services, training and skilled consultation. The cost of purchasing published standards can be a hindrance that both limits the actual use of standards and impedes the implementation of standardisation projects that are beneficial for society. Standards of major importance, such as standards used as support in implementing legislation, should be publicly accessible. Concerned government agencies should, in collaboration with the standardisation bodies, review the system for the purpose of developing and evaluating alternative funding models. Swedish standardisation must create standards that are comprehensible and easy to use by assuring adjustments to target groups and simplification in international standardisation work.


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